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Northwestern Outdoors Radio - September 11, 2021

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Josh Mills, a passionate steelhead angler and northwest conservationist, joins John Kruse for an in-depth discussion about summer steelhead.  This year's Columbia River run is the worst since 1938 and we'll explore some of the reasons steelhead are in great decline right now in the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure has got a clever solution for anglers looking for just the right color to put on their flashers and Sara Dirienzo with Wyoming Game and Fish shares the fall hunting forecast from the Cowboy State.    

America Outdoors Radio - September 11, 2021

This week on America Outdoors Radio Kendyll Derouchey will tell you about a special youth hunt and deer camp coming up in South Dakota, we'll share a fishing report from Harry Murray at Murray's Fly Show in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, preview the Kenai River Silver Salmon Derby with Brittany Brown, and talk to Jeffrey Miller, the author of a new book, "Klasberg, North Dakota:  Collected Stories from the Middle of Nowhere". 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - September 04, 2021

A "best of" edition of Northwestern Outdoors Radio featuring a visit to SW Montana and Yellowstone National Park to explore caves, go trout fishing and take in the wildlife! 


America Outdoors Radio - September 04, 2021

A special "Best of" edition of America Outdoors Radio featuring a salmon and bottom fishing trip to Port Hardy, British Columbia with Chad's Coastwide Sports Fishing.  Also included is extra content only heard on Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR as part of our exclusive Pacific Northwest edition of our program! 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - August 28, 2021

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio, retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel Brian Gilman, the CEO of Warriors and Quiet Waters based near Bozeman, Montana, has  special message for combat veterans in the wake of what's going on right now in Afghanistan.  Gary Brain at the Lodge at Summer Lake in SE Oregon gives us an update about what's happening there and previews the fall duck hunting season.  Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure has tips to help you catch pink salmon from shore in NW Washington and Vickie Loftus, the owner of Stillwater Adventures, will tell you about the trout flies she makes and a chance to go fishing with her in Nevada.    

America Outdoors Radio - August 28, 2021

This time on America Outdoors Radio Brian Lovett, who wrote a 2021 deer hunting forecast article for Outdoor Life, shares some regional trends you are likely to see this season. Ron Stallings with TTI Blakemore shares tips to catch September crappie, outdoors writer and upland bird hunting fanatic Edgar Castillo talks dove hunting, and Steve Mcloud, the owner of Vorsheer Off-Road Trailers, talks about their innovative product line along with the challenges and triumphs the company has faced during the Covid pandemic. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - August 21, 2021

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio we'll talk about some great backpacking loops you can hike with Loren Drummond with the Washington Trails Association, get an outdoors news round-up focusing on deer and ducks from the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, share tips to catch pink salmon in the saltwater from Bob Loomis and get a fishing report from Scott Collingsworth at the Fort Peck Marina and RV Park in NE Montana.

America Outdoors Radio - August 21, 2021

This time on America Outdoors Radio we'll talk to Dr. Frank Rowher, the President and Chief Scientist of Delta Waterfowl, about the fall duck and goose hunting forecast.  Television show host and author Scott Linden joins us to talk sharp-tailed grouse hunting and Jace Bauserman, writing for Outdoor Life, shares some great advice for bow hunters hoping to tag out on an elk this fall.  Last but not least, Craig Springer with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service previews a new book, "America's Bountiful Waters", that celebrates the work this agency has done over the last 150 years. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - August 14, 2021

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Jason Morgan with the Northwest Straits Foundation will give you some tips to help avoid having losing your new crab pot the next time you drop it into the saltwater.  Eric Winther with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has an update about how the fishing is going for pikeminnow on the Columbia and Snake Rivers and Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure has some suggestions about how to catch coho salmon this month at Buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia.  In addition to this Meilee Anderson invites you to check out the blooming wildflowers at Mount Rainer and lets you know about some fun outdoors activities waiting for you outside the boundaries of the National Park.   

America Outdoors Radio - August 14, 2021

This time on America Outdoors Radio we have the pleasure of talking about two unique hunts featured in the new digital edition of Field & Stream magazine.  T. Edward Nickens will tell you about an Arizona jackrabbit hunt amongst the cactus and Phil Bourjaily shares a story about how he managed to escape his family Thanksgiving holiday chores for a quick but memorable teal hunt.  Professional angler and guide Johnnie Candle breaks down bobber fishing for walleye and how Devils Lake, North Dakota is fishing this summer.  In addition to this, with lots of anglers filling their freezers with salmon Ryan Neeley joins us to share some great tips about how to grill or smoke those fish so they taste fantastic! 

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