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Northwestern Outdoors Radio - January 08, 2022

This weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio It's show season and we'll be previewing three of them coming up this month to include the Great Rockies Sportshow in Billings, the Tri-Cities Sportsmen's Show in Pasco and the Portland Boat Show in Oregon.  In addition to this, Jaime Rodriquez, the man behind JROD Angling, will tell you about how he targets trophy walleye this month on the Columbia River during an extended Mack's Minute and Dan Wilson with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers in Washington State shares how their organization and others are teaming up to get a cancelled spring bear hunt back and how we can potentially add members to  Washington's Fish and Wildlife Commission who actually hunt or fish and make science based decisions.    

America Outdoors Radio - January 08, 2022

This week on America Outdoors Radio we'll talk to well known outdoors writer Keith Sutton who shares some advice about catching cold water crappie and to Tanner Cherney about Devils Lake, North Dakota as a great ice fishing destination this winter for perch, walleye and more.  If you are resolving to be a better bass angler in the new year Bass University is just the ticket and the Dean of Bass University, Pete Gluszek, will join us to tell you more about this great school which includes not only online learning but also in-person sessions.  Switching to conservation, the federal government is making 350 million dollars available for states to construct wildlife crossings and Madeleine West with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership will share some success stories from several western states where these crossings have reduced collisions and saved the lives of thousands of big game animals. 

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America Outdoors Radio - December 18, 2021

This week on America Outdoors Radio  Matthew Every, Senior Editor at Field & Stream, will tell you all about the multi-state hunting trip he went on last fall and the amazing rig he used during this 5,000 + mile adventure.  Darold Gleason is not only a well known Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler but also a guide and instructor who is offering online courses in marine electronics that are definitely worth signing up for if you want to get the most out of your fish finders.  In addition to this we'll chat with Jason Gilbertson about Shoot United, a new program meant to get a more diverse community involved in the shooting sports. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - December 18, 2021

This weekend on Northwestern Outdoors Radio we focus on elk in the greater northwest.  In Montana they've got more elk than they know what to do with and the state is weighing whether to change how elk hunting tags are allocated, a proposal that could actually make it tougher to tag out on a quality bull as a DIY public land hunter.  John Sullivan with the Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers will tell you more about that.  Meanwhile, in the Blue Mountains bordering Washington and Oregon elk numbers are at a 30 year low and one of the main reasons is calf predation by cougars and bears.  Beau Olson, a hunting guide who owns Wilderness Expeditions LLC, blasts the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission for mismanaging this situation.  On a brighter note, Ryan Sparks joins us to talk about his recent successful fishing and hunting trips in Oregon and Montana along with his upcoming plans to compete at as a tournament bass angler in the year ahead and Eric Magnuson shares some places you may want to drop a line through the ice in this winter in both Idaho and Montana.    

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