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Northwestern Outdoors Radio - November 28, 2020

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Rob Lyon talks a cast and blast expedition to one of the most remote parts of the greater northwest, the Owyhee Canyon Lands of Southeast Oregon.  Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure has a Banks Lake walleye fishing report you'll want to hear and outdoors writer Troy Rodakowski has got some deer and duck reports and advice to share.  Finally, Anna Roth with the Washington Trails Association has some great suggestions for lowland hikes for this fall and winter where snowshoes won't be required! .  

America Outdoors Radio - November 28, 2020

This Thanksgiving weekend on America Outdoors Radio Captain "Mac" McQuarrie invites you to give the gift of an Alaskan fishing or wilderness lodge experience for Christmas at Sportsman's Cove Lodge.  Ron Stallings with TTI Blakemore has got some good advice about how to catch crappie as we roll into winter and Judd Lee with World Wide Trophy Adventures breaks down bison hunting opportunities in the Western United States.  In addition to this we preview our Christmas Gift Giveaway Show and share a previously aired interview with guide and author Michael Huff about fox hunting. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - November 21, 2020

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, well known wild came chef Hank Shaw joins us on Northwestern Outdoors Radio to share some great advice about serving up several different wild game dishes as your main course this holiday season.  Jason Brooks, the Editor of an online magazine called The Tailout, gives you the details you need to twitch a jig and catch a coho salmon this fall.  Bob Loomis is back for another Mack's Minute with a hot trout lure and Jon Rodenbaugh with Four Flyways Guide Service talks about the duck and goose hunting going on this season in SW Idaho and NE Oregon.  Finally, the Oregon State Police need our listeners help to solve a "frenzy" of poaching cases in Western Oregon.  

America Outdoors Radio - November 20, 2020

This week on America Outdoors Radio Dan Clayton Luce with Henry Repeating Arms talks about putting a Henry rifle or shotgun under the Christmas tree this year for the ultimate holiday gift.  Greg Raines joins us to tell you about the training you can received and historic military surplus firearms you can purchase through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.  We'll share details about $5.6 million dollars being allocated to elk research in 15 states when we talk to Karie Decker with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Jon Schlosser, Vice-President of Marketing for Ugly Stik, talks about a light-hearted but fun event coming to Lake Norman in North Carolina, the World's Largest Santa Claus Bass Tournament. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - November 14, 2020

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio Elk Hunting and Fishing dominate the conversation.  When it comes to fishing long time guide Lance Fisher will join us to share a greater Portland area salmon and sturgeon fishing report while Steve Caromile with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife lets you know about the many lakes being stocked with trout for anglers to catch this fall around the Evergreen State.  When it comes to elk hunting David Sparks will share the story of a recent North Idaho elk hunt on this week's edition of Sportsman's Spotlight and Dan Kloer, owner of Deep Timber Sounds, has got some good advice about elk calling and hunting during in the month of November.  

America Outdoors Radio - November 14, ,2020

This week on America Outdoors Radio Ryan Neeley with Camp Chef shares some advice about cooking the perfect turkey for the holidays whether it's the store bought or wild variety.  You'll need a sharp knife to carve up that turkey and Josh Warren with Work Sharp is rolling out a brand new Precision Knife Sharpener coming out on the market this weekend that will help you do that.  Bill Herzog, author of the book, "Spoon Fishing for Steelhead", explains how to use spoons and spinners to catch more steelhead and salmon out of rivers across North America this fall.  Finally, outdoors writer Randall Bonner talks about the perfect "fishing dog" and the traits you should look for if you want to have a great four-legged fishing buddy. 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - November 07, 2020

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Brian Gilman, Executive Director of the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, talks about how their non-profit uses fly fishing as a tool to help combat veterans.  Paul Vang is a Montana based outdoors columnist with a new book to tell you about and outdoors personality Gary Lewis shares some suggestions about fall hunts you may want to take advantage of this year! 

America Outdoors Radio - November 07, 2020

Host John Kruse chats with - 

1.  Larry Riley with the US Fish and Wildlife Service about funds used to restore a trout stream overrun by black bullhead in Southern California

2.  Brett McComas with about early season Ice Fishing and about an important tool to use - the Spud Bar!

3.  Justin Clawson, President of The Fallen Outdoors, talks about their non-profit organization and how they get active duty servicemembers and veterans out for fishing and hunting trips around the nation.

4.  We've also got the results of the Cabela's King Kat Classic Championship Tournament held at Lake Milford, KS.  Find out who won the first place prize of $50K! 

Northwestern Outdoors Radio - October 31, 2020

This week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio outdoor survival is the name of the game when we talk to Brett Stoffel with Emergency Response International about "Lost Person Behavior", the science behind what many people do when they get lost and how knowing this predictive behvior can help search and rescue teams.  Ken Keffer has a great new book out, the "Earth Almanac" to tell you about and Seth Miller, Executive Director of Oregon Parks Forever, talks about their donations to Oregon State Parks to build unique, specialized campsites for hikers and bicyclists called hike-bike pods.  Throw in fishing advice from Bob Loomis, a rundown of soon to be stocked trout waters in Idaho and a reward for a poached wolf in Oregon and we've got quite a show coming your way.  

America Outdoors Radio - October 31, 2020

This week on America Outdoors Radio Colin Kearns, the Editor in Chief of Field and Stream, talks about hunting camps and why hunters love to spend time at them every fall!  Charley Bryant with Irish Setter Boots and host John Kruse discuss the new MudTrek boots that hunters, farmers and ranchers alike are going to love.  The outdoors is coming to more schools across the nation, to include several in Arkansas, thanks to the Outdoors Tomorrow Foundation and Executive Director Ricky Fairchild will tell you more about the Outdoor Adventures Program they offer.  Finally, Outdoor Life Hunting Editor Andrew McKean does a rare thing.  He's talking politics as election day approaches and lays out the issues sportsmen and women care about. 

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