America Outdoors Radio Podcast

The Pacific NW edition of America Outdoors Radio - May 09, 2020 -

May 9, 2020

The entire Pacific NW edition of America Outdoors Radio, combining local and national content on Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR, is available here for your listening pleasure. This week on the show host John Kruse interviews:

1.  Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef, who has a great Wild (Mother's Day) Brunch

2.  Beau Martonik with the East Meets West Hunt Podcast about hunting deer in timber cuts

3.  Robby Denning, the author of Hunting Big Mule Deer, about tagging out on a big buck when things get tough in the late season

4.  Gary Coe, the President of Kokanee Power

Locally, John talks to:

5.  Mike Livingston, South Central Washington Director for WDFW, about spring fishing and hunting opportunities

6.  Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure about a brand new trout lure they are rolling out

PS -  If you are looking for the link to that free training from Frontsight here it is