America Outdoors Radio Podcast

Front Sight Firearm Training Institute’s Free Four-Day Defensive Handgun Course

May 18, 2020

Host John Kruse talks to Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Founder and Director of the Front sight Firearms Training Institute about 

1.  This incredible training facility for civilian firearms owners near Las Vegas, Nevada

2.  The four-day defensive handgun course worth $2,000 he is offering free of charge to listeners

3.  What you'll learn at this course and other courses offered by Front Sight

4.  The story of how Dr. Piazza founded what has become one of the premier firearms training centers in the world.

Register for your free four-day defensive handgun course at Front Sight at 

Hurry!  Free slots are limited!


Air Dates - May 16 on America Outdoors Radio and May 23, 2020 on Northwestern Outdoors Radio