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MarDon Resort is back open for fishing and family fun!

Marilyn Meseberg, the co-owner of MarDon Resort at Eastern Washington's Potholes Reservoir, welcomes guest back to their newly rennovated and expanded lakefront resort.  Marilyn also talks about not only the great fishing available here, but also about some of the fun activities the entire family can enjoy!  Air Date - May 30, 2020 


America Outdoors Radio - May 30, 2020

This week on America Outdoors Radio we'll be covering fishing, firearms and a unique American outdoors destination.  That destination is Hells Canyon, North America's Deepest Gorge and Kacey Jackson with Snake River Adventures will tell you about this incredible place and about the great fishing for bass and sturgeon available here.  Speaking of bass, Edward Chin is a tournament angler and guide who has some great advice about how to rig and fish tube bait for bass and Chris Bowes, the Tournament Director for the Bassmaster Open Series, talks about their first post Covid-19 closure event on the Arkansas River that will take place in June.  Last but not least, the President and CEO of Secure It Tactical joins us to talk about safely storing firearms not in a traditional gun safe, but in secure cases you can access in a hurry throughout your home which are also places burglars are unlikely to find them. 

COVID 19 and how it’s effecting hiking in Washington State

Kindra Ramos with the Washington Trails Association talks about the effects COVID 19 is having on their non-profit organization, the work they do, and what a lack of maintained trails will mean for hikers this spring and summer.  Air Date - 05/16/2020


Pacific NW Edition of America Outdoors Radio - May 16, 2020

Fishing and Hunting news from Washington - Guide Pat Abel is ready to take you salmon fishing in Oregon's Tillamook Bay - Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure has an old Kokanee lure with a new twist!


Front Sight Firearm Training Institute’s Free Four-Day Defensive Handgun Course

Host John Kruse talks to Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Founder and Director of the Front sight Firearms Training Institute about 

1.  This incredible training facility for civilian firearms owners near Las Vegas, Nevada

2.  The four-day defensive handgun course worth $2,000 he is offering free of charge to listeners

3.  What you'll learn at this course and other courses offered by Front Sight

4.  The story of how Dr. Piazza founded what has become one of the premier firearms training centers in the world.

Register for your free four-day defensive handgun course at Front Sight at 

Hurry!  Free slots are limited!


Air Dates - May 16 on America Outdoors Radio and May 23, 2020 on Northwestern Outdoors Radio


Interesting Facts about Pronghorn with Sy Gilliland

Sy Gillland, the owner of SNS Outfitter and Guides out of Wyoming, talks about antelope hunting in the Cowboy State and shares some very interesting facts about pronghorn too.  Air Date - May 09, 2020

The Pacific NW edition of America Outdoors Radio - May 09, 2020 -

The entire Pacific NW edition of America Outdoors Radio, combining local and national content on Seattle Sports Radio 950 KJR, is available here for your listening pleasure. This week on the show host John Kruse interviews:

1.  Scott Leysath, the Sporting Chef, who has a great Wild (Mother's Day) Brunch

2.  Beau Martonik with the East Meets West Hunt Podcast about hunting deer in timber cuts

3.  Robby Denning, the author of Hunting Big Mule Deer, about tagging out on a big buck when things get tough in the late season

4.  Gary Coe, the President of Kokanee Power

Locally, John talks to:

5.  Mike Livingston, South Central Washington Director for WDFW, about spring fishing and hunting opportunities

6.  Bob Loomis with Mack's Lure about a brand new trout lure they are rolling out

PS -  If you are looking for the link to that free training from Frontsight here it is 






Idaho Fish and Game News Round-up

Roger Phillips with the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game shares a round-up of the latest news out of the Gem State with host John Kruse to include news about a grizzly bear in an area they haven't been seen before, information sought about a double poaching incident, good news about big game winter survival and information about spring Chinook fishing.  Air Date - May 02, 2020 

Pacific NW Edition of America Outdoors Radio - May 02, 2020

This week we discuss the reopening of hunting and fishing in Washington State.  Brianna Bruce, who works at the Everett Sportsman's Warehouse store and is also the owner of Livin Life Adventures guide service, talks about some great places to fish for trout and kokanee in Snohomish County this month and Lance Merz with Mack's Lure has got the perfect spinner to cast from shore from those trout. 

America Outdoors Radio - May 02, 2020

This week on the show host John Kruse chats with

1.  David Parris with Sportsman's Warehouse about the popularity of kayaks and canoes with hunters and anglers

2.  Outdoors writer and podcast host Brandon Butler about the great fishing and hunting available in Missouri this month.

3.  Kent Brown, host of Ultimate Bass Radio, about his top picks for bass lakes west of the Mississippi River

4.  Jennifer Doherty with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation about a special place now protected and available for public access along the border of Wyoming and South Dakota